Monday, June 15, 2009

A garden that finally looks like a garden!

Success!!! After a very long but productive weekend the garden has taken shape and vegetables have been planted! I could not be happier about how it has turned out. I will walk you through our recent progress with photos...

The 3-4x4 raised beds & perimeter frame are in place

Laying down the weed blocking fabric & securing it with fabric pegs

Mel's Mix: 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 compost (left to right)

Mel's mix - mixed; wood chips cover the ground

A raised bed - filled with Mel's Mix

A complete box - with lath boards to divide the bed into square feet (for easy plant/seed calculations)

Completed Box #1 with trellis (made from conduit pipes and nylon trellis netting)

Completed Box #2

Completed Box #3 with trellis

The big picture

Lupin (left) & Dahlia (right) for the flower beds along the perimeter

So, what have I planted so far?

Box 1
  • Green Bean - Blue Lake Bush Bean (7)
  • Cucumber - Diva (2)
  • Cucumber - Burpless Supreme (2)
  • Lettuce - Head (3)
  • Marigold (6)
Box 2
  • Tomato - Sweet 100s (2)
  • Tomato - Jet Star (1)
  • Tomato - Early Girl (1)
  • Sweet Basil (2)
  • Marigold (6)
Box 3
  • Squash - ? (4)
  • Melon - Organic Hale's Best (1)
  • Pumpkin - Howden (1)
  • Pepper - Red Beauty (1)
  • Pepper - Mandarin Hybrid (1)
  • Marigold (6)
  • Mint - Spearmint (1)
  • Lemon Balm (1)
Still to plant (from seed):
  • Green Bean - Roma II
  • Cabbage - Earliana
  • Cabbage - Red Acre
  • Spinach - Salad Fresh Hybrid
  • Lettuce - Salad Bowl
  • Lettuce - Parris Island (Romaine)
  • Pea - Sugar Snap
  • Radish - Crimson Giant
  • Carrot - Short 'n Sweet


SNJGardener said...

What an impressive transformation. I hope that's not pressure treated lumber forming the raised beds.

Anonymous said...

Great boxes, but there is also a lot of wasted space

LizSaumsiegle said...

Thanks for viewing my blog and for the comments. The raised beds were constructed with non-treated wood so not to harm the veggies or people eating them! Also, I realize that I could have made larger boxes, but as this is my first try at gardening, I didn't want to overwhelm myself! I have already added a few things in containers, but wanted to give myself enough work space! Also, the perimeter raised bed (that is currently empty will eventually be packed with flowers!

Toni said...

Wow Liz! What a complete and wonderful transformation!!!

You'll be the envy of all your gardening neighbors soon! : )