Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Soggy Gardener

Here I am in all my garden glory...

I was not looking forward to going to the garden tonight since-surprise-we are getting more rain! However, since I had not been to the garden in a few days, I wanted to make sure that "everybody" was doing OK! Aside from the days of rain, we had relatively high winds earlier in the week. I also wanted to do a bug check as many fellow gardeners are reporting a few bug problems.

I am happy to report that my garden appears to be doing very well! The worse thing was that my Dahlia had fallen over...I really need to finish the raised bed around the perimeter and get what few plants I have in the ground!!

What I accomplished tonight:
  • Thinned out radish sprouts (see photos below)
  • Cut off wilting/dead leaves
  • Took an inventory of any bug problems
  • Picked 'suckers' off the tomato plants to encourage growth (so they don't take energy away from yummy tomato production)!
The only bugs I really noticed were small, black flies with clear wings and a lot of ants. I first noticed the ants when I was clearing the plot, and now they have moved right on into the raised beds. I am not too worried about either insect, but does anyone know what the small, black flies are? (I have found them on the stems and under the leaves of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc)

Here are photos from thinning my radish sprouts (before, during & after):

Other highlights from today:
'Early Girl' Tomatoes are growing!

Sugar Snap Pea sprouts

My growing 'Red Beauty' Pepper

My Howden Pumpkin trying to take over!


SuburbanGardener said...

Wow. That's quite a garden you have there. Very nice. Thanks for visiting our suburban garden blog. Look forward to seeing your progress. Very pretty peppers!!


Toni said...

Hi, it's Toni in Wyoming!
Your garden looks sooo good!

I'm from Massachusetts!!!! Grew up in Malden, lived in Medford, and owned a home in Melrose! I even graduated from UMASS/Boston!

Looking forward to following your SFG success!

Toni said...

Me again...
Are you going to let your pumpkin plant grow on a trellis?

Great pictures! I'm so jealous... you have tomatoes! I only have flowers so far...

Cynthia said...

Hi Liz,

Nice to meet you :) I love your blog and all the pictures you pack into it! Your garden looks gorgeous, I hope we both get a bountiful harvest this season. Yay for first time gardeners! :D


Leslie said...

Dear Liz, I just noticed you were following Dreams and Bones so I dropped by here to see what you are up to. WOW. I am SO impressed with what you have done in this maiden season of yours. Your beds look like pictures out of Mel's book only PROFESSIONAL. THIS garden plot was given to a worthy recipient. I will be a regular follower from now on.


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Everything looks awesome! I getting so sick of the rain too and there is more expected this week. I've had some problems with black flies... actually I think they are flea bettles - but not sure. I sprayed with Safer and that did the trick. -Jackie

Chef Phil and Malinda said...

Beautiful Garden. Can't belive you have tomatos on your early girls already. I'm just a bit south of you and just have flowers!!