Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Welcoming Addition

Just over one month ago I scavenged a Maine beach (shhh...) looking for rocks that I could use as garden markers. I thought it would be add some personality to the garden. I scanned Microsoft Word for the perfect font and searched high and low for non-toxic, waterproof/outdoor craft paint. Finally finding some at ACMoore and I hope that it will withstand all the rain we are having.

I was waiting for a sunny day to snap some photos, but got impatient! Here is a small sampling of how the markers look in the garden...

The past two days have been HORRIBLE!! It has been cold with torrential downpours and thunderstorms! I even think we had some hail early this morning!! Luckily my garden appears to be OK! However, I am off to Maine for a week of vacation. A friend will be taking care my garden while I am gone. Hopefully we will have the few days of sun they are predicting, but I also hope that my first veggies wait until I come back to fully ripen!! Think SUN everyone!!


Toni said...

Hi Liz,
Love your garden rocks!!! What a great idea!!

Your welcome rock is so cute!!!

Sending you some sun from beautiful Wyoming! I sure don't miss all those dreary overcast days spent in Melrose!

: ) Toni

SuburbanGardener said...

We're away too and the garden is on the timer system. Hope it is alright. Sometimes I think those hard storms are good for building strength into the plants. So best of luck that the sun coaxes these plants into growing.