Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick Harvest = Quick Report

Paul McCartney played at Fenway Park tonight. I forgot this until I hit a surprising amount of traffic coming home tonight. Unfortunately, he had not started playing yet when I went to the garden tonight for a quick 15 minute trip. I was hoping that a few veggies would be ready so I could use them for dinner. I was right! I picked a few sugar snap peas, beans, Sweet 100s, some rosemary...and my first two cucumbers! I was not sure when to pick them, but since they were about 5-6 inches, I thought I would try them out. I also wanted to continue to encourage new growth, as I confirmed that my cucumber plants are still growing, even though they look horrible! The two cucumbers were Burpless and they were so yummy!! The rest of dinner included rosemary chicken & potatoes, beans, peas and mojitos!

1 comment:

Toni said...

Congratulations on your harvest Liz!

Oh too bad you missed the concert! What fun that would have been to be able to listen to Paul McCartney while you work in the garden!

Do you have a place to park when you're at the garden?

Would love to see an overview photo of your garden!