Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks to for listing me in their directory of farming, gardening and composting blogs! Check out their website to find a lot of great information. Many of my favorite blogs that I follow are also listed! Blogs are listed by state/country.

Also, since the site founders also invented the Worm Factory®, there is a lot of information about vermi-culture (worm composting) which I hope to try some day when I move on from apartment living!! I hope to post more about vermi-culture soon as I attended a workshop earlier this year! It sounds easy and fun with only a small amount of "yuckiness!"


Flowers said...

Thanks for sharing the information on this wonderful website. I would love to add my blog to the same.

Nancy said...

Interesting to check other blogs from MA. This state has one of the high numbers of bloggers who want to share their gardening experiences.