Sunday, November 1, 2009

Garlic Planting Day

My goal of planting my garlic this weekend was accomplished as my order arrived on Friday. However, although it was incredibly warm on Saturday (70 degrees), it was unbelievably windy! The winds were blowing everything around like crazy so I decided not to attempt planting on Saturday. Fortunately, today was a beautiful day, sunny & 60 with less wind!

A little bit more about my garlic. After checking the garlic inventory of the more popular sites, I decided to order from The Garlic Store. They are a small company based in Fort Collins, CO. (I only bring up that they are in Ft. Collins because I lived there for a short time after college and absolutely loved it!!) Anyway, my 1/2 lb. order of Organic German White Garlic (a hardneck variety) gave me 3 bulbs/heads.

It looked great...especially once I broke the bulbs open to find out how many cloves were in each! The cloves were very easy to break apart, fragrant, and although I did not try, also easy to peel.
Each bulb had 7-8 large cloves, giving me 21 to plant. (I held back one on the smaller side to eat!) I have heard of a few variations on how to plant garlic and was very impressed with Daphne's method. However, I decided to start with the most basic and easiest way of naturel! I was going to leave the skin on each clove and just plop them into the ground.

After loosening up the existing soil and adding a bag of compost to the bed I created to plant the garlic, I made 21 holes, about 2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart. I put one clove in each hole, "tip" up.

Next, I covered the holes back up with the soil. To protect the garlic from the upcoming New England winter, I used what I had around me as mulch...leaves and grass! I covered the bed with about 6" of leaves and added pieces of the 20' reeds from the surrounding Muddy River bank.

The final result after placing a plastic netting over it so the wind wouldn't blow everything away...

I can't wait until next year and hope that I have all 21 heads of garlic!!


Randy Emmitt said...


Cute blog with the lizard and all. We planted farmers market garlic 3 weeks ago 13 out of 30 are poking up through the straw already. We spent $2 on the garlic figuring if they grew it here already it must be good.

Daphne said...

That is one of the varieties that I grew this year(German xhardy and German white are the same). It was the best growing garlic of any of the varieties I had planted. This year about half my garlic is planted in that variety. It may end up taking over the whole patch eventually.

Sylvana said...

I plant mine the easy way too. I have just used grocery store garlic with no protection - worked just fine. The garlic that grew was even better than the parent bulb! Better tasting and longer storing. I use even the smallest of cloves. I am trying to overwinter some garlic that got missed at harvest to see if the bulbs will get even bigger after two years in the ground. If that works, I may keep a rotating patch similar to my leeks.

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