Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you Campbell's..I think!

While scanning The Cheap Vegetable Gardener a few months ago I saw a posting about getting free tomato seeds through a Campbell's Soup promo on their Help Grow Your Soup site. Since I had a can of soup on hand (you needed to enter a can code), I requested the seeds...and yesterday I received about twenty tomato seeds!! Thanks Campbell's!

However, while receiving free seeds is great, these are not entirely without issues. Here is why...
  • the tomato seeds!!
  • the bad...all I know is that they are tomato seeds...I have no idea what kind!
  • the ugly...the package says I should plant by March, 2010.
Florescent lights are my only hope for starting plants indoors as my apartment hardly does not have enough natural light. However, I have not quite figured out my plan yet!

Although the seed promo appears to be over, they still have a few exciting community projects going on and even a virtual garden to test out your gardening skills during these winter months!

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