Monday, March 29, 2010

What do March showers bring?

As the saying goes...April showers bring May flowers. But, what do March showers bring? For the third Monday in a row, New England is under major flood warnings. March 2010 is 1" short of being the wettest month in Boston's history (and we are due for 3-7" by Wednesday!) Roads have been closed, and basements, backyards and gardens flooded. I am thankful not to have a basement or backyard to worry about, and my garden appears to be fairing well. I was surprised as my plot is along the backside of the FVG close to the Muddy River. However, upon my visit last Thursday, I saw that many other plots in the are under water. Is there anything to do but wait?

The silver lining is that it is expected to get up to 80 degrees this weekend! I hope to spend most of it in the garden. I will also be able to welcome in the 2010 Red Sox season as the home opener is Sunday!

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