Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Year...Same Thing...DIFFERENT VENUE

Surprise! I have gone from community gardener to backyard gardener!

Last fall, the change of season meant a little more than usual end of season tasks. I made a sad but exciting garden move from my large community plot in the Fenway Victory Gardens to a backyard in Cambridge, MA where I now reside. Leaving Boston was difficult, but leaving the FVG was really tough. It is where I started gardening, and I spent so much of my time in the past two years tending to my plot & chatting with other gardeners. I still hope to stay connected to FVG by becoming a friend and helping with monthly park clean ups.

I am excited to experience the convenience of my new backyard garden and the new learning opportunities it will provide. The snow finally disappeared last week after over 3 months of snow cover, so now I have a lot of work to do:
  • add more of 'Mel's mix'
  • put up a trellis on two of the boxes
  • re-outline each square foot (with string this time)
  • order/buy seeds
  • decide what to grow this year
  • and...plant peas!!
So, I am officially back from blogging hiatus, and hope that you will follow me on my new gardening adventure. Happy Spring.


Erica said...

Liz: Did you move all your boxes from the FVG? Collecting and moving the Mels Mix must be one hell of a chore. If you have any that you don't want to move I can take them for Y9. Let me know your plans. Good luck in Cambridge. I'm sure having the garden in your backyard will be so much fun.

Best, Erica (Y9 plot)

Erica said...

Oh and by the way your blog gave me the idea of blogging my own community garden adventure at

Thanks for the inspiration.