Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden Chores

Today, May 1st, ended up being a beautiful day! Trees and flowers are blooming around the city, the grass is green, and daytime temps are finally starting to average above 50. I spent almost the entire day outdoors - visiting Harvard Square for "MayFair" and having a BBQ in my backyard, surrounded by my garden. Have I mentioned lately how much I love being out there?

Saturday was not as nice of a day, but I was able to continue accomplishing little garden tasks, as I wait until the day I can plant the rest of my veggies (target date May 14th). Here was my list of my garden tasks for the weekend:
  • Move containers off the grass (to prevent too much damage to the grass)
  • Plant my new mint plant in a container
  • Hang my 'wind chime'
  • Put netting around my strawberry plants to protect from birds/critters
(Left) 3 plants planted this year; (Right) container leftover from last year

Overall, the tasks accomplished were nothing too challenging, but they made a difference and kept me busy for a little while!

Garden overview (5/1/11)

I contemplated planting my next succession planting of carrots and lettuce, but decided to wait another week. My peas, about 4-5 inches high, are doing great. Germination is not 100% but two late bloomers just started to poke through the soil.

Sugar Snap Peas on 5/1; planted 4/3

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