Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lavender Help Needed

These are my two lavender plants. One English (left) and one French-Provence (right). I purchased them last year and then brought them both from my community plot when I moved. I immediately planted them upon setting up my beds in November. They are looking pretty sad. I have read a little bit about lavender plants, but am still having a hard time figuring out if they are going to bounce back, or if I need to trim them back at all. One article said to trim them back to the woody part in the spring. However, most of the stems appear to be very woody. The English lavender definitely has evidence of new growth, as seen below:

Does anyone have any experience with lavender - especially keeping the plants as perennials in Zone 6? I would love to hear your advice.


Jacob Royer said...

It's not always the zone you need to worry about. Lavender survives pretty well in some cooler climates but in the end you need to make sure it's soil drains well since it doesn't like to get it's roots wet.
If it all turns silver and dry then it's dead. Since there is a little new growth however it might survive. I would trim back the dead limbs and let it breathe. All the dead stuff can end up falling to the ground and retain water around the roots which will finish it off.

alizardinthegarden said...

Thanks for the great info Jacob - I will definitely give them a little bit more attention.