Monday, May 30, 2011

Strawberry Season

English Lavender

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I spent the weekend up in Maine, seeing family and welcoming the start of summer with open arms. Although slightly cooler up north, it sounds like it was a great, hot weekend for most of New England.

I had a special treat of fresh Jersey strawberries that my parents brought up from southern NJ, which tasted heavenly paired with a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Then, as I returned home tonight to my garden I found that a few of my own Junebearing Strawberries had ripened.

Now, I know the rule that you are supposed to pinch back flowers on strawberry plants in their first year to help them establish for the future - but I am just too impatient to follow that rule. I let my three plants flower away. So, tonight I ate three great tasting strawberries of my own.

I swear that most of my plants doubled in size over the weekend. I love watching everything grow. In addition to the three strawberries, I harvested more Salad Bowl Lettuce (2.25 oz) and my first head of Boston Lettuce (4.75 oz).

5/30/11 harvest

Other growing news...
The volunteer tomatoes are taking over and will need to be moved soon:

My first tomatoes (Better Boy) are growing:

My second succession of Black-Seeded Blue Lake Pole Beans (planted only on 5/24) are about half the size of the first succession, planted more than two weeks earlier on 5/8. The warm weather really made a difference with germination:


Allison at Novice Life said...

Things are looking good :) I wish I had volunteer tomatos!

Daphne said...

And here I am with strawberries the first year and I'm not getting anything because I keep pinching off the blossoms. In a few weeks though I'll quit pinching off the everbearing ones and then I can eat a few.

RandomGardener said...

Strawberries look really ripe! I couldn't wait so long:) Nice lettuce. Ours are just starting to grow.

Dirt Lover said...

Isn't it amazing what a little warm weather will do for germination?? Go figure. My cucumbers and beans had a hard time, and then the weather turned a little warmer, and wham! Out they popped! Anyway, nice harvest. Love your little strawberries!