Saturday, May 7, 2011

Three New Experiences: Mail Order Plants & Grafted Heirloom Tomatoes

I am excited for the following three reasons I am about to try for the first time:
1. Mail Order Plants
2. Heirloom Tomatoes
3. Grafted Tomatoes

I first heard about grafted tomatoes a few weeks ago upon receiving an article via email from Johnny's Selected Seeds (JSS). According to JSS, grafted tomatoes "can improve production, overall crop health and vigor, reduce or eliminate the need for pesticide use, lengthen harvest duration, and significantly increase net income." Below is a photo from JSS's article showing the difference in appearance between grafted (left) and non-grafted (right) tomato plants.

Here is JSS's step-by-step guide if interested to give it a try as they claim it is not difficult. I am a bit too intimidated by the process to try it myself, so I noted the technique, but moved on.

However, on Friday the topic of grafted tomatoes re-entered my inbox as I received another email - this time from Burpee - stating that they had 6 varieties of grafted heirloom tomato plants for sale. Still curious about the benefits of grafted tomatoes, Burpee's well advertised "limited time while quantities last" was all I needed to jump on the offer. Here is Burpee's article about grafted tomatoes. I ordered two San Marzano plants and one Big Rainbow.

Since I was expect to buy and plant all my tomato plants next weekend, these three tomato plants (expected to arrive next week) will likely be the first I add to my garden. I am very excited and will provide updates about all three of these new experiences in time.

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