Thursday, May 24, 2012

Volunteers to the Rescue

After last summers incredible tomatillo experience, I had been waiting to see if any volunteer tomatillo plants would appear, since I had heard that they are pretty tolerant and vigorous.  After some seedling identification research, I confirmed that I did in fact have a few tomatillo plants - along with some mystery tomato plants.  The tomato plants are really a mystery since I did not even have tomatoes in that bed last year.  However, the timing was perfect as these hearty little volunteer plants turned into...

seedlings for a plant swap!

I saw a flier for a plant swap in my neighborhood after an evening walk on Saturday night that was taking place on Sunday afternoon.  I was very excited to meet some fellow gardeners, share my extra plants, and potentially even take something home for my garden!  I walked down to the event, and stayed for about an hour.  During that time there was quite a bit of traffic between people dropping plants off/picking up plants and passers-by, interested in seeing what was going on.  The organizers had made designated areas for house plants, vegetables, annuals and perennials.  Perennials were definitely the most abundant, and ranged from Hostas to Bleeding Hearts to raspberry bushes. 

House & Veggie/Herb plants

I ended up taking home an eggplant (little finger) seedling, spinach, and a bunch of Shasta Daisies.  Even though I don't have the space to plant the daisies in the ground as a true perennial, I am going to see how they fair this summer in a large container.  Even if I can get a few cuttings from them I will be happy!

I think that the plant swap was a great success.  It was great to meet some neighbors, learn a few things and get some new plants.  I heard that there are already plans for another one in the future.

Readers, have you ever attended or participated in a plant swap?  What fabulous plants have you walked away with?

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