Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can you see the difference?

I hope so! Today was a tough but productive day in the garden. I spent three hours weeding and getting the plot clean. Today's battle was with two invasive species: multiflora roses and an invasive, unidentified vine. I am keeping the roses for the most part, but tried to prune them back a little. The vine definitely needs to go, but I can't access the root system for some so I will just have to keep an eye on it.

I met a few more fellow gardeners today, as the plot across from me is now 'occupied.' They had the horrible task of removing a large tree stump from the middle of the plot. I guess my weeds don't seem that bad! They are also having to re-build the fence, which is a project on my To-Do list, but at least mine is still standing! Another gardener came by surprised I was taking this plot on and stated, "nobody has ever had success in this garden." Well, darn-it if I am going to prove him wrong! It makes me very happy to have planned on raised beds from the start, as he stated that the two main reasons the plot has not been successful are 1) water run-off 2) bad soil.

I finally found a garden supply company (Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supply) who carries coarse vermiculite at a very reasonable price - however, they are currently out of stock! Hopefully it will be available mid-week, which will mean that I need to start building my raised beds and make my final calculations so I can plant!!!

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Annie said...

Hi Liz! I love your garden plot and it looks like you've done a lot to it already :) Isn't gardening wonderful? We built a couple of raised beds in our backyard, and it has been a very rewarding experience. Good luck and I look forward to watching your garden grow. Miss you!