Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weeding: Day Two

I finally got back into the garden to continue weeding. Note the word "continue" and not "finish" I knew that I would still need more time after tonight! Anyway, I made progress in the hour and a half before it got dark. The ground was very dry, but luckily the weeds still came out very easily. The gardens were pretty quiet, although I tuned out the world by listening to tunes on my iPod. I really would love to know how long the plot has been 'empty' as - in my mind - it is so overgrown! Hopefully I will some day meet my neighbor gardeners! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera to document my progress. I had my cell phone with me but as expected the quality is not great. I still have a lot of finalizing to do and I am growing very anxious to start planting!! One issue I am having is trying to locate vermiculite, one of the three components of Mel's Mix. I have made a dozen calls and have only found two places with the small bags - which would be very expensive - compared to finding the 4 cubic feet bags! Hopefully I will find it soon!!

Updated progress...just one corner & the back with all the roses & vines to deal with!

Sunset in the FVG

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Toni said...

Love the sunset picture!!!