Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Worst Thing About Gardening

The rain stopped long enough for me to enter my garden for the first time tonight!! A busy week kept me away from my first and worst task...weeding! I was able to take inventory of what had been left by the previous gardener. There wasn't much aside from some random pieces of wood, some trash, an old rake and a broken hose. I also tried to get a more accurate measurement so I could finalize my garden plan. However, there were still too many weeds in the way - but my current estimate is 31' x 12' - a very good size! If forgot to bring a compass so I could figure out the directionals, which I need to plan my layout. Taller crops should be on the northern side of a garden so they don't shade the rest of the crops. Fortunately, the map on fortunately had the compass rose.

I weeded for about an hour and a half - until it got dark - getting through about two thirds of the garden. Luckily most of the weeds came up easily but they seemed to never end! The gardens were pretty quiet but I had a single chickadee kept me company.

Post weeding...with still more to do!

All the weeds I pulled from my garden - three wheelbarrows full!

Next on my to-do list:
  1. Finish weeding (of course)
  2. Complete garden plan
  3. Cover entire garden with a weed blocking fabric
  4. Build and assemble raised beds
  5. Create "Mel's Mix" (mix of compost, peat moss & vermiculite)
  6. Buy plants & seeds
  7. PLANT
  8. Fence repairs


Rebecca D said...

I am soooo jealous of your gigantic plot! and I wish I was as deliberate about a to-do list as you, since I think we're going to have trouble down the road with our "free-spirited" approach. Time will tell, I suppose!

Toni said...

Here in Wyoming, we grow weeds the best! Come July they take over your garden!

That's why I switched to SFG. I even have a weed count on my blog! Each day I pull a few weeds... that's it! Yeah!!!

Now... if I can just get my pathways done!