Monday, October 19, 2009

The End of a [few] Season[s]...

The sun has set over Fenway as another baseball season has come to an end for the Red Sox. Since baseball is such a big deal in Boston, I guess Mother Nature decided to strike back with some crazy weather--ending Fall before it even got started! In the past few days I have seen snow not once, but twice! It never amounted to anything in downtown Boston (so I did not capture it on film) but others like Daphne and Kathy saw a nice dusting!

Before the nor'easter hit on Sunday, it was a very nice almost fall-like day! I hit the river to catch some of the Head of the Charles rowing events. I used to row in for the University of New Hampshire (despite being on the shorter side at 5'3"). Although I no longer row, I still love the sport and have many opportunities to watch the local schools compete! If you have never seen attended the Head of the Charles I highly recommend it! It is the largest two-day rowing event and one of Boston's best traditions, attracting people from all over the world!

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