Monday, October 5, 2009

A harvest of another kind

Taking advantage of a beautiful fall day, I ventured west of Boston to harvest some apples! Apple picking is such a great New England tradition, and one that I have not done in quite a few years! There are so many orchards in Massachusetts alone, but decided on Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA. Although my primary focus was their orchard, I just had to step into the gift shop to browse their selection of wines! (I definitely want to check out their wine tour and tasting some day!)

Back to the apples...there were only three varieties of available for harvest...McIntosh, Macoun and Courtland. I filled my bag with equal amounts of all three! The macs were especially large, but I think I managed to fit about 25 apples in my bag (a peck). There were also a few peaches left in their orchard, but opted against harvesting any. Maybe next year!

Once I had the apples at home I tried smitten kitchen's simplest apple tart recipe..twice! I am still trying to master rolling out the dough, but it was a delicious recipe! What do you like to make with your apples?

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Nancy said...

Ventured to Nashoba Valley Winery for a birthday luncheon on a Friday afternoon only to find the restaurant has a "reservation only" policy during the months of September and October. Plan to re visit. Went to Tower Hill Botanical Garden cafe-toured some of the gardens. Good resource for gardeners. Has a call line for any gardening questions. Great resource for all types of gardeners.