Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preparing for frost...

'Tis the season to prepare for frost. Temps are getting into the 40s at night. In order to protect the last of my growing veggies I wanted to try making protective domes. Following the SFG method, I bought two PVC pipes per box. For the cover I chose a thin plastic tarp. I realize that a variety of things can be used as a cover (burlap, blankets, sheets, row covers, plastic). Right now I only have Box 3 covered. I still have a lot of clean up tasks to do, which include removing the tomato plants. Hopefully I can spend more time in the garden this weekend and finish prepping my plot for the fall temps!

Updated photos of my SFG boxes.

Box #3, covered


Sylvana said...

I have plans to do this with my raised beds this year. Going to Menards this weekend to get the materials :) I'm doing it more for starting plants early than keeping them late - but that may change as I use it next year.

Toni said...

Looks all cozy! We had about a week of deep cold winter weather here. My garden is all done now. Time to clear it out and dream of next season!