Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Seed Order

This week I received my order from Seeds of Change. Not counting my garlic order, this is my first true seed order. I originally bounced around between different seed companies trying to find an ideal balance between variety, price and quantity. My hardest decision was figuring out which potato to grow using the potato box method. After researching online, I found that a late maturing variety works best when growing potatoes in containers. Bintje potatoes were a versatile, late maturing variety with smooth pale yellow skin & light yellow flesh. Seeds of Change had this variety and offered a 10% discount through Facebook. Here are my cute, little Bintje seed potatoes:

In addition to the Bintje potatoes, I also ordered a two varieties of corn (Japanese Hull-Less Popcorn & Brocade Sweet Corn) and Black-Seeded Blue Lake Snap Pole Beans. I am excited to plant corn this year!

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