Monday, April 12, 2010

Fire in the Fens!

One week ago (4/5) a brush fire spread through the phragmites (reeds) along the Muddy River. Fortunately the garden plots in the FVG were not damaged, but the visual difference the fire has made with the landscape is amazing! I have not heard the official cause of the fire, but according to a few articles, the brush catches fire pretty frequently.

I was not able to get to the gardens until this past weekend when I witnessed the damage firsthand. I do not believe that anybody was injured. However, visiting and resident geese were definitely affected. Given that baby geese/ducks are expected soon, I sadly imagine that some nests were destroyed by the blaze.

Muddy River (Pre-Fire 2/14/2010)

Muddy River (Post-Fire 4/11/2010)

More pics of the damage:

For better or worse, I expect the reeds to be back to their 20' height in no time...

In addition to surveying the damage, I also continued with my garden tasks. I was very relieved to find my peas sprouting (after seeing little evidence last week)! They survived after all! I have now sowed peas, carrots and lettuce! I was not meticulous in planting the lettuce and carrots seeds and know that I will have a lot of thinning to do once they grow a bit more!

I also:
  • added compost to my perimeter flower beds
  • planted three Dwarf Sunflowers on either side of the gate
Finally, I now have another lizard (in addition to my welcome rock) to watch over the garden in my absence! I added a colorful tin lizard (a present from my mom) to the middle SVG box.

I am excited for a few important packages to arrive this week with various things I ordered for the garden...soon to be revealed! I hope this weekend's weather is good so I can get back into the garden! This Saturday is also the first

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Thomas said...

Oh wow! I heard about the fires but had no idea how big it was. What a stark difference.