Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Farmers Market Season!

Farmers Market, Brooklyn, NY

Farmers markets in metro Boston area are starting to open as the growing season gets going! My goal this year is to finally make it to the 'infamous' Haymarket in downtown Boston on an early Saturday morning!

Do you know where your closest farmer's market is? If not, you can use Local Harvest to find one! In Massachusetts, is a great resource!


Thomas said...

I always wanted a community plot when I leaved in the city. Good luck!

Toni said...

We used to go to Haymarket every Saturday morning... early! I'd leave our home in Melrose by 7am so that I could drive into town... and find a parking space!

I took one of those folding carts on wheels... and filled it with tons of produce!

A large group of us from my little town in Wyoming just joined a produce co-op called Bountiful Baskets... now once again... we can enjoy lots of produce for not so much $$!

Please DO blog about your time at Haymarket!