Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My First Year as a Gardener

How time flies while gardening! One year ago today, I picked out my community garden plot in the Fenway Victory Gardens! Overjoyed by the challenge and desire to grow my own veggies, I transformed a neglected piece of land...

May 2009

...into an organized and bountiful flower and vegetable garden!

May 2010

Throughout the past year I put in countless hours and enjoyed many great harvests. I was introduced to the incredible world of gardening through blogs, books and fellow gardeners. My garden was a place to relax but also gave me a workout. I am so fortunate to be part of the Fenway Victory Gardens and still amazed of this hidden gem in the heart of Boston!

2009 in review

As I enter my second year as a gardener, I look forward to continuing my gardening education, experimenting with new veggies & techniques, and getting more involved within the FVG community! Bring on the veggies!!


Toni said...

Congratulations on the beginning of your 2nd year!

You really transformed your community garden plot into a beautiful spot!

Kate and Crew said...

What a GREAT 1st year!! I'm really impressed with your before and after photos. Great job!

Leslie said...

Nothing like a picture to show the back breaking work it takes to coax Mother Earth to give up her bounty. Just a word on those garlic scapes. Pick them BEFORE they start to straighten out. They are more tender eating that way and snapping them sends the energy back underground where you want it.