Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trying to Beat the Heat!

We finally had relief on Saturday after about two weeks of hot, sunny, dry weather. However, mother nature decided to give us the rain to us all at once! It poured for at least an hour, causing some major flooding that made nationwide news. The water had nowhere to go since the ground was so dry. People were stuck under overpasses, cars started floating away, even the Fenway dugouts needed to be pumped out. Unfortunately, it appears that we are now back where we started, with the extended forecast back to hot, sunny, and dry.

Garden Updates

I spent a few hours this morning tending to my back perimeter flower bed. My experiment of trying to grow a few flowers from seed failed miserably. There were just too many weeds, and I didn't want to pull anything, in hopes that the flowers would appear. So, today I pulled everything up. I am still undecided about what I should do here, since weeds tend to come in through the back fence as well.

I am anxiously waiting for a ripe, yellow pear tomato! Overall, my tomatoes are sprawling everywhere and producing nicely. I am still waiting for a ripe "large" tomato. None appear to be turning red yet.

Unfortunately, I discovered about 8 Roma II tomatoes with blossom-end rot. I did some research, and I narrowed it down to two potential causes...calcium deficiency, or drought stress. I sprinkle egg shells around my tomato and pepper plants, so I am not sure if the calcium deficiency fits. However, the we have had drought conditions!

The Black-seeded Blue Lake Snap Pole beans are starting to form as they compete for space with my cucumbers! I was not expecting pink flowers!


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Toni said...

We just had a torrential downpour here! The water coming off the roof of our home was incredible! It was like a river!

My garden loved every drop though....

Sorry to hear about your BER! I had that last year too. This year I've been checking my soil frequently to see if it's too dry. I find that my soil dries out pretty fast so I've been watering most every day... but it's desert country here...

I'm hoping that you have lots of healthy, delicious tomatoes without BER!!!

Your beans look yummy!

Love the pretty daisies in the corner of your last picture!