Monday, July 12, 2010

Harvest Monday: Lots of Garlic

I had a great harvest yesterday! The biggest news, is that after almost 9 months, I harvested my garlic! My pickling cucumbers, sunsugar tomatoes and sungold tomatoes are producing really well. My sugar snap peas are almost exhausted, as the plants are starting to die back. Growing impatient, I picked a few carrots. They were tasty, but all very small. My cabbages are almost all ready, so I picked the largest one...coleslaw is on the menu for this weeks' meals!

I now have 11 heads curing for future use. About six heads had various problems with them, however I am hoping to use a few of their cloves in the near future. Overall, I am very happy with my first garlic harvest. The bulbs averaged about 2" around, pretty close to the size of the original heads of the cloves I planted in November.


Melissa said...

Oh to have sugar snap peas! I'm jealous! I planted mine too late this year - not realizing that they like the weather a little cooler.

Daphne said...

I so love all those tomatoes. Yum. Do you like sunsugar or sungold better?

alizardinthegarden said...

Melissa, I had a great crop of sugar snap peas this year! However, I started to get tired of eating them raw so I pickled a few...they were fantastic! I talk about the recipe here:

Daphne, you know I count them separately, but then combine them together in a bowl, so I have no idea which one I eat! I definitely have to do a "taste test" soon! I also didn't realize that I bought two varieties that would be so similar-way to read the tags!! Oh well, they are yummy and prolific, so that is all that counts i guess!!

Dirt Lover said...

Beautiful little carrots! And tomatoes! I find myself looking at other gardener's carrots, as I have never been able to grow them. I hope to remedy that within the next year!

thyme2garden said...

I would be interested in results of your taste test between the two tomatoes! Great harvest!