Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clean Garlic

I am back...and I finally got around to cleaning my cured garlic!! I harvested it back in mid-July, so it had been curing for a good month! Since I used some of the garlic heads/cloves immediately, I now have 11 nice looking heads for storage, which I hope will keep into the winter.

Organic German White Garlic, hardneck

A while back I saw this article on about onion storage and vegetable keepers. I thought these three bags were great, as I was trying to think about what I would do with all the garlic and potatoes I was going to get from my garden! However, time passed and they stayed on my "wish list." Fast forward a few weeks when I had to go to Crate & Barrel to get a wedding shower gift for a friend. I was just going to get her the kitchen composter that she registered for but next to the composter on display were...the storage bags! I had forgotten that Crate & Barrel carried the garlic & potato bags! So, I decided to get one of each for the bride-to-be...and one of each for me!!

my new storage bags!

cute images on the bags


thyme2garden said...

Those bags look really cute, not to mention functional. Nice find!

alizardinthegarden said...

An update on how these bags are working: as much as I love them, they did not prevent my home-grown potatoes from sprouting. I think it is due to the fact that the top, white fabric is too light (in color) which allows light to penetrate into the bag. I hung them at the top of my basement stairs, which in theory would be pretty dark. I would still love to keep using them, but may modify the top with cardboard/dark fabric to see if that helps. I did not seem to have as many issues with onions/garlic.